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Solatube Whole House Fans

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Enjoy a healthier home in minutes for pennies a day! Be more comfortable in your space with our quiet whole house fans. A whole house fan can provide benefits nearly every day of the year. Not only does it help remove hot air from your home, but it can provide air circulation and improve the overall air quality in every room of your home.

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Why A Whole House Fan?

Gentle Breeze

Experience the instant refreshment of a Solatube Whole House Fan - Sit back, relax, and enjoy the adjustable breeze at the click of a remote control for a cooler, more invigorating home.

Cut Your Cooling Cost

Achieve a refreshed, healthier home at a fraction of the cost! Experience the revolutionary quiet whole house fans that provide the comfort of air conditioning while delivering fresh air. Save significantly on A/C-related expenses and enjoy a more comfortable living space today!

Healthier Home

Ventilation achieved through a whole house fan helps to remove stale indoor air and bring some fresh air into your home, instead of breathing in only recycled indoor air. Ensuring proper ventilation with outside air can help reduce indoor airborne contaminants, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, and other viruses. Using a whole house fan in your home should be part of a plan to protect your family from airborne pathogens. EPA Source

Thermal Mass Cooling In The Summer

Our whole house fans create an active breeze in the home which helps the thermal mass cooling of your space. Leaving the whole house fan on during the evenings and overnight will cool the walls, ceilings, attic, roof, furniture, and flooring. When heat is pulled out of these areas, the home becomes truly cooled down. This process is called thermal mass cooling. In return, your home will not heat up as fast the next day, and it will stay much cooler for longer.

Remove Air Contaminants

No matter what the season, airing out your home is important to maintain a healthy environment. The contents of indoor air include gases released from flooring, paint, furniture, and building materials. This also includes germs, pathogens, particles, biological waste, and water vapor, which are potential health hazards. It is recommended you air out your home three to four times a day to have a healthy living environment. Our quiet whole house fan can exchange the air in your home in about 3-5 minutes giving you a healthy home to live in.

How a Whole House Fan Works

Open your windows and turn on your fan. Then the whole house fan pulls fresh air in from the outdoors and pushes the stale unhealthy air into the attic and out the vents. Immediately you’ll feel a breeze throughout your home; creating a more comfortable space. A whole house fan is a primary natural venting device that can significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for ‘manufactured’ cool air.


When do you use a whole house fan?

Normally you use the whole house fan in the mornings and later afternoon/evenings. You want to run our system when it is cooler outside. You can also use our system to remove germs and odors quickly.

How Long Will It Take For My Home To Cool Down?

The Solatube Whole House Fans start cooling as soon as you turn on the unit. Typically takes around ten to fifteen minutes, with 20 – 25 complete air exchanges per hour.

Can you use a whole house fan during the day?

Yes, but the key to fast cooling is it has to be cooler outside.

Cool Way To Save

Solatube Whole House Fans are incredibly powerful, quiet, and energy efficient. These powerful fans offer your home the cooling ability at just a fraction of the watt usage of an air conditioner.

Return On Investment

Have you looked at the price of an air conditioner lately? Whole house fans are literally an investment that pays for itself in almost a year. The cost of running your whole house fan is also far less expensive compared to running an air conditioning unit. This brings us to our next section…

Save Big on Cooling Costs

Save on your cooling costs! A whole house fan uses 200-600 watts while an air conditioner uses 2,000-6,000 watts. That is a mind-blowing difference. Using a whole house fan can result in significant savings over a month. Larger homes that need larger A/C units can save even more.

5-Star In-Home Process

We are excited to help you create a more relaxing and refreshing home environment. All of our installation experts have been certified and provide exceptional customer service. We have been in business for over 30 years, so rest assured that we will be invested in your project from start to finish.

Right Configuration for a Healthy Home

With our free in-home consultation, we’ll guide you to the right size fans for your home. Whether it’s one powerful fan or multiple fans for a zoned configuration, we will find the right fit for your space.

Safe Venting Inspection

We make sure your fan configuration is set up for safe operation in your attic. There are things you should know about proper venting for your whole house fan, and we’re here to guide you. Beware of companies that tell you that you don’t need to worry about passive ventilation. It makes a huge difference in terms of safety and negative airflow. Feel free to call to learn more.

Roof Venting Installation

If we discover during our Safe Venting Inspection that you need to add roof venting, we have the expertise to install it for you. This will ensure that your fan can safely operate without creating negative pressure.

Same Day Installation

Thanks to the expertise of our Certified Installation Consultants, we can install your Solatube Whole House Fan in under 2 hours with no need for structural modifications to your home. Stop sweating and start saving right away.

Ultimate Ventilation Combo

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We have been installing tubular daylighting systems and solar attic fans for years.
Now, we’re creating even more relaxing and refreshing environments for our customers with whole house fans.

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