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The sun occupies a prominent place in our lives, and although we love daylight, we spend most of our time indoors. We all wish to get some more daylight from outside to inside, and that is exactly what Solatube does! Be surprised, amazed and inspired by the versatile Solatube daylight tube. You can do this online or visit our 'Experience Centre'. Feel free to use your imagination, the possibilities are endless.

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Which is the best option to suit your daylight requirements?

Ø 25 cm

For the smallest spaces in the home or at work. This type has the best insulation values. Illuminates for example a toilet, small bathroom or a hallway. Also ideal as an application in monuments.

  • Small diameter, lots of daylight
  • Best insulation values
  • Available with add-on ventilation kit
  • Ideal for monuments

Ø 35 cm

Versatile and a true all-rounder. Has double the light output of the Solatube Ø 25 cm and can therefore be placed in any room of the house or used to illuminate areas within commercial premises such as meeting rooms, corridors and showrooms.

  • Most popular
  • Double daylight output compared to Ø 25 cm
  • Available with low profile dome
  • Brightens houses as well as workplaces

Ø 53 cm

Great adaptability and very enlightening in the working environment. This type has already illuminated many business premises. It is mainly used in non-residential construction, in particular in distribution warehouses, the agricultural sector and the sports and leisure sector.

  • Predominantly used for commercial applications
  • Illuminates spaces up to 14 metres high
  • For open and closed ceiling
  • Reduces energy in a professional working environment

Ø 74 cm

The largest system in our range has absolutely no fear of heights. Designed for extremely high spaces from 14 metres high. Used in industrial halls, conference centres and shopping centres, for example.

  • The largest in the family
  • Only for commercial applications
  • Illuminates extremely high spaces
  • From 14 metres high

Solar Star 2400

Solar Star provides ventilation for your attic or loft. The system works based on natural air supply and mechanical air discharge. The Solar Star is not suitable for heated rooms.

  • Ventilates attic or loft
  • Works on solar energy
  • Mechanical air discharge
  • For unheated rooms
  • Max. 35 watt

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