Communication agency Van Iwaarden Artwork

The visual communication agency Van Iwaarden Artwork has been specializing in the execution of art projects and murals for 25 years. Many projects are carried out on location. Van Iwaarden also has a studio in her building where new creations arise.


There is a wall in the middle of the studio to paint large canvases. The perfect situation for painting is in pleasant daylight. Unfortunately, the large wall is in a dark corner.


With the Solatube daylight system it is fairly easy to create extra daylight. That is why the owner chose to place two Solatubes above the canvas. In this way the canvas is evenly provided with natural daylight, whereby the entire colour spectrum is displayed. The Solatube is well insulated and therefore does not emit heat, which is ideal for painting.

Customer comments

I am very satisfied with the result. When painting you have a good view of the canvas and the application of the colours. Besides, there are no annoying shadows from the brush or those in front of the canvas.

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