Project Prêt - Loger

How can we make existing cities more sustainable on a large scale and make residents more aware of their energy consumption? That was demonstrated by a TU Delft student team during the Solar Decathlon 2014, the Olympic Games of sustainable construction. With the entry Prêt- à- Loger, home with skin, the team won the first prize for Sustainability, Communication & Social Awareness and the second prize for Energy Efficiency & Construction Management, Health & Safety. Overall, the Delft team finished in third place.


How can we make existing homes more sustainable and at the same time make residents more aware of their energy consumption? By choosing to adapt an old terraced house, the team showed how existing homes, of which there are 1.4 million in the Netherlands alone, can be transformed into sustainability.


The team did this by applying a 'second skin' including a glass construction on the sunny side. With this construction the house can run entirely on solar energy. With this, the students have created a very realistic concept and this house has distinguished itself from the new-build or opt-top homes. To meet the daylight requirements of the Solar Decathlon, several Ø 35 cm ECO Solatubes with TechLED were used. The bathroom is illuminated by a Ø 25 cm ECO.

The house can be viewed in Delft. For more information go to the website:

Customer comments

Ready -A- Loger "My favorite option on this house is the Solatubes.

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