House Lummen

Project development private house Lummen corridor bedrooms Solatube creates more daylight in a home.


Inge Melotte resident: “We wanted to create more light; both in our upstairs hallway and in two bedrooms. Before the Solatubes were installed, we constantly had a light on in the hall above because it was always so dark". 


Inge: “On the advice of our architect, we chose Solatube. Never heard of it, but definitely recommended!"

A total of four Solatubes Ø 35 cm were installed. All four Solatubes are equipped with integral electrical light fittings which are used to illuminate the rooms during the hours of darkness. The Solatubes in the bedrooms are also equipped with a daylight dimmer, which is handy when it is light outside and you want to go to sleep!

Customer comments

After placing the Solatubes in the hallway and in the bedrooms, we noticed a huge difference. The amount of daylight that came in and illuminated everything was very surprising. In the beginning we had to get used to the light so much that we sometimes thought that the lights had not been turned off.

We are very satisfied with our choice. The service was good too!

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