House Lummen

Project development private house Lummen corridor bedrooms Solatube creates more daylight in a home.


Inge Melotte resident: “We wanted to create more light; both in our upstairs hallway and in two bedrooms. Before the Solatubes were installed, we constantly had a light on in the hall above because it was always so dark". 


Inge: “On the advice of our architect, we chose Solatube. Never heard of it, but definitely recommended!"

A total of four Solatubes Ø 35 cm were installed. All four Solatubes are equipped with integral electrical light fittings which are used to illuminate the rooms during the hours of darkness. The Solatubes in the bedrooms are also equipped with a daylight dimmer, which is handy when it is light outside and you want to go to sleep!

Customer comments

After placing the Solatubes in the hallway and in the bedrooms, we noticed a huge difference. The amount of daylight that came in and illuminated everything was very surprising. In the beginning we had to get used to the light so much that we sometimes thought that the lights had not been turned off.

We are very satisfied with our choice. The service was good too!

Social housing renovation programme

United Living Group recently completed improvements to homes in County Durham during a three-year renovation programme. As part of this project, 184 Solatube Daylighting Systems were installed in bungalows.


Prior to renovation, one of the problems suffered by these homes was lack of daylight in the windowless hallways and bathrooms. Solatube Daylighting Systems offered a solution that was far more cost effective and efficient than traditional windows or rooflights.


Solatube Daylighting Systems offered a solution that was far more cost effective and efficient than traditional windows or rooflights. Not only were the products less expensive, there was no restructuring or making good required, so the overall savings were significant. 

The Solatube BBA Certification was also a key factor in the decision-making process as was the thermal efficiency of the Solatube Daylighting Systems.

Customer comments

With the refurbishment of homes continuing to present a challenge and with the majority of housing stock requiring some level of retrofit, we are supporting our customers to drive improved energy efficiency and create warmer homes, leading to reduction in fuel poverty and better health for their tenants.

House Echt

Project development of the Echt home.


Residents Jan and Liesel Nohlmans: "When designing our house our number one priority was: lots of light."


Jan and Liesel: "Except for large windows and glass doors, we therefore opted for additional daylight tubes. These were placed in spaces where a lot of glass is not feasible or desirable: landing, bathroom, dressing room, garage and utility room."

A total of 8 Solatubes were installed, two Ø 25 cm and six Ø 35 cm. Every Solatube is equipped with an integral lighting fixture which provides electrical lighting when required during the hours darkness.

Customer comments

The result of the Solatubes is fantastic; our house has become super light and sunny!

Jan and Liesel Homeowner

Project Prêt - Loger

How can we make existing cities more sustainable on a large scale and make residents more aware of their energy consumption? That was demonstrated by a TU Delft student team during the Solar Decathlon 2014, the Olympic Games of sustainable construction. With the entry Prêt- à- Loger, home with skin, the team won the first prize for Sustainability, Communication & Social Awareness and the second prize for Energy Efficiency & Construction Management, Health & Safety. Overall, the Delft team finished in third place.


How can we make existing homes more sustainable and at the same time make residents more aware of their energy consumption? By choosing to adapt an old terraced house, the team showed how existing homes, of which there are 1.4 million in the Netherlands alone, can be transformed into sustainability.


The team did this by applying a 'second skin' including a glass construction on the sunny side. With this construction the house can run entirely on solar energy. With this, the students have created a very realistic concept and this house has distinguished itself from the new-build or opt-top homes. To meet the daylight requirements of the Solar Decathlon, several Ø 35 cm ECO Solatubes with TechLED were used. The bathroom is illuminated by a Ø 25 cm ECO.

The house can be viewed in Delft. For more information go to the website:

Customer comments

Ready -A- Loger "My favorite option on this house is the Solatubes.

Renaissance at North Park

The community of North Park in San Diego, CA, is undergoing major improvement projects in both its residential and commercial sectors. As development in the inner city becomes more prevalent, ‘green’ design options are increasingly in demand. Carter Reese & Associates, the developer of Renaissance in North Park, wanted to incorporate a natural daylighting element in the project, but a traditional skylight would have conflicted with mechanical systems in the roof. Given homebuyer interest in ‘green’ design, Carter Reese decided to incorporate natural lighting fixtures by using Solatube Daylighting Systems in the town homes.


The purpose of the project was to provide homeowners with an aesthetically pleasing natural daylighting solution.


The Renaissance town homes are two- to three-bedroom, 2.5- to three-bathroom homes each of approximately 1,500 square feet. Due to mechanical systems in the building’s attic, Solatube Daylighting Systems were selected as the daylighting fixture of choice, offering flexibility within the design scheme. Two Solatube Daylighting Systems were installed in each town home: one in the master bathroom and one in a hallway. The Daylighting Systems provided natural lighting solutions to the spaces, which pleased homeowners, but were also functional and user-friendly products for the developer within the design application. 

Customer comments

The Solatube product exceeded our expectations; it provided natural light to spaces that otherwise would not get it. Additionally, its installation was quick and easy not to mention less obtrusive than normal framed skylight shaft installations.

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