World Heritage Museum

The Bokrijk open-air museum in Genk is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The folk games barn and garden is one of the biggest attractions in this museum. Visitors can try out games such as skittles, curls, brackets or leveling. These games ensure that people are introduced to the rich cultural heritage. However, after 20 years of intensive use, the barn needs a major renovation.


The play barn is outdated and is being renovated to give the building a contemporary look. The work will of course be carried out whilst retaining the authentic character of the playground. The old barn has a lack of daylight. Since installing windows is not an option because of the lack of shelter, all possible solutions were considered.


The thatched roof is being renewed and the Solatube proved to be the ideal solution with a limited number of roof openings. With the Solatubes, maximum light output is brought in without affecting the original building. Three Solatubes type Ø 35 cm have been installed with a raised lead roof flashing, specially made for thatched roofs. Thanks to the daylight tubes, daylight entry has improved considerably!

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