Round Ø 74 cm

Daylight for high areas
  • Illuminate areas from 14 metres high
  • Mainly used in commercial spaces
  • Extendable up to 20 metres in length
  • Only available with a round finish
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The Solatube Ø 74 cm brings daylight into high areas, such as factory halls, warehouses, distribution centres, conference centres or department stores. With a diameter of 74 centimetres, this is our largest daylight system and is almost exclusively used in commercial buildings.

Internally, an amplifier can be chosen which is designed to direct the daylight downwards, resulting in less light being lost up high and more light low down where it is required towards the work floor.

The Solatube Ø 74 cm roof mounted collector is designed to harvest significantly more daylight than traditional daylight penetrations without providing the building with additional heat. The Collector maximizes the systems daylight output by minimising the number of bounces of light within the tube. Additionally, the Collector minimises the increase in heat by preventing infrared rays from entering the system.

The top of the Solatube Ø 74 cm system is supplied fully assembled with a square finish comparable to a traditional dome. Either a roof curb can be constructed (from wood or metal) to suit or our prefabricated insulated roof flashing can be chosen for optimum thermal roof insulation. For new build construction, the prefabricated insulated roof flashing is installed directly onto the roof construction not the insulation, ensuring that the roof construction remains vapour-tight.

As the sun does not always shine (or, on the contrary, if there is a need for less daylight), it is possible to integrate various optional accessories into this Solatube system, such as an artificial (electrical) light fitting or a daylight dimmer. There is also fall-through security protection and an insulation lens available.

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