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The added value of daylight in a learning environment

All activities of educational institutions can often be traced back to one ultimate main objective: to provide a good quality learning environment. This ambition can be realised by optimally organising the education itself, but also by paying attention to the environment in which the education takes place. How much does the educational environment and student performance have to do with each other?

Pupils up to the age of 18 spend about 20% of their lives in educational buildings. It has been proven that the indoor environment has a major influence on the learning performance of students. Daylight, together with air quality and heat control, is the most important factor because of the increased concentration and improved well-being of the students. As a municipality or school board, you would like a school building with a good indoor environment and a low energy bill.

Challenges and solutions
Common challenges at educational institutions are (for existing buildings) the misapplication of daylight by, for example, large windows and (for new construction) the emphasis on insulation, which causes façades to be built too close. The correct application of daylight in a school also contributes to reducing the internal heat load. The Solatube daylight tube is a compact daylight solution that illuminates large and small spaces without creating temperature differences. The daylight system is ideal for learning environments as diffused daylight prevents glare on computer screens, whiteboards etc. Closing the daylight system is also possible by means of an electric daylight dimmer.

Daylight calculation
Techcomlight, the distributor of Solatube, can make a daylight calculation during the design phase of the planned renovation or new construction. In DiaLUX-EVO the daylight factor on the work surfaces within the classrooms can be calculated. Please contact us to discuss the options.

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