For the first time ever; 3 exhibitions in 3 countries at the same time!

It is a special week for us! For the first time in history we are attending three exhibitions in one week in no fewer than 3 countries; The Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom! We would like to dwell on this special fact.

The longest lasting exhibition of the three is Batibouw in Brussels, Belgium. This exhibition will take place from the 29th of February until the 8th of March. Furthermore, Futurebuild in London, England will start at the 3th of March. This this three-day event will be follow up by the exhibition Eigen Huis, which take place from the 6th until the 8th of March in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Solatube will be represented at all the three exhibitions!

Techcomlight United Kingdom and Benelux.
We are glad to be present in the UK as well! Because of Solatubes takeover by Techcomlight Ltd. in 2019, new cross-border doors have been opened. With this, Techcomlight is not only a Solatube distributor in the Benelux, but in the United Kingdom as well

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