Factory Waaijenberg

Waaijenberg Mobility is the only manufacturer of 45 km vehicles in the Netherlands and have been producing customized vehicles for people with reduced mobility for almost 40 years. The company has three locations in total; in The Hague, Amsterdam and Veenendaal, which is where the waaijenberg mobility factory is located. Hundreds of Cantas (a two-seat micro-car) are assembled here every year.


Mariska, the owner of the building, says: “The factory hall was equipped with skylights that were due for replacement after about 20 years. Something new was being searched for. What became the next step for me depended on several aspects. People work in this unique factory who make a product that they are proud of every day. A good workplace in the factory requires good lighting. It is imperative that people in the workplace have the right lighting for personal well-being as well as for productivity and safety. Preferably naturally through daylight. A positive effect of this is a better and finer working environment.

Then daylight professional Techcomlight came my way. By talking about the possibilities of Solatubes, but especially because of the benefits of the product, I decided to invest in this.”


Mariska: “For the above reason, choosing a suitable alternative is important. Add energy saving and light output and the choice is made quickly. Although I had no knowledge of the product, I knew what I could expect through the daylight plan made by Techcomlight. ”

The leaking skylights were replaced by 16 Nr Ø 53 cm Solatubes which are perfect for higher industrial buildings such as this. The Optiview ceiling diffuser forms the finish of the daylight tube and provides a wide distribution of daylight.

Customer comments

Techcomlight as a company appears approachable and at the same time professional. I am satisfied because it is simply a brilliant product. Thanks to the right guidance and expertise that they have in-house, the area has been transformed into a perfectly lit room. Techcomlight listen and understand, are solution-oriented and answered all of my questions with a great deal of knowledge and expertise. It delivered exactly what I was hoping for and more!

Xella Factory Firing

Xella Nederland is a producer of sand-lime bricks, aerated concrete and dry building systems with the A-brands Silka, Ytong, Hebel and Fermacell in the Netherlands. The factory in Vuren mainly produces aerated concrete.


When renovating the different halls, one roof was placed over the different spaces. This gave the raw material preparation hall a height of 15 metres without windows and lighting was required for shift workers during the night. 


The daylight professionals from Techcomlight prepared a lighting plan for this hall and then installed Solatubes of Ø 53 cm with the TechLED system. Thanks to the overall quality of the Solatube daylight systems including proprietary seals, no concrete dust enters the tubes and they continue to reflect optimal light levels.

Customer comments

I initially had my reservations, but the Solatubes give lots of light. Since the installation we have actually stopped wearing artificial lighting. ”And the employees? “We don’t hear from them. You can't get a better response.

Flora Holland

Flora Holland is one of the world's largest flower auctions, with five branches in the Netherlands. In the context of energy-efficient construction, Solatubes were installed in the offices in 2004.


Behind the flower auction in Naaldwijk is a long hall of 318 metres in length. Millions of flowers and plants are transported here every day. Although daylight is essential here, it was lacking and energy saving also played a major role. 


As the client was extremely happy with the Solatube systems which had already been installed into the office building, they also decided to have 116 Solatube systems installed into the long hall as well. 

Customer comments

We are very satisfied with the result. The working climate has also increased considerably since the daylight enters the long hall. The Solatubes have a good light output, you notice a clear difference.

Companies Ebema Belgium

The Belgian family company Ebema produces concrete products for the pavement market. For the company, quality, design and environmentally conscious thinking and acting are important concepts.


Ebema’s office building is 27 x 27 metres square with windows on three sides, however daylight does not reach the centre of the building sufficiently through these windows. For the comfort of both employees and visitors, a solution was sought to properly illuminate this space. The lighting had to be in line with the core values ​​of the quality and sustainability of the company.


Ebema chose to have a total of eleven Solatube Ø 35 cm daylight systems installed which provide optimal levels of sustainable daylight into the centre of the building.

Customer comments

We are very satisfied with the result of our Solatube daylight systems. The Solatubes are placed in a beautiful pattern. This provides an extra visual aspect. New visitors are therefore often looking at the Solatubes with admiration.

De Groote Voort farm

De Groote Voort farm built a new warehouse for the ripening of its Remeker cheeses.


To be able to work properly in the storage room, there must be sufficient light. A sustainable and environmentally friendly lighting solution was sought that would last a long time and require little maintenance.

The installation space available for daylight systems was limited by the pipes of the climate control system. The thermal insulation values ​​of the warehouse had to be maintained and the daylight systems had to be able to withstand high humidity.


We opted for 15 low-maintenance Solatube Ø 35 cm ECO daylight systems. The roof penetrations are made of lead because this is a natural material.

The Solatubes take up little space and ensure optimum daylight output. The use of artificial light is not necessary during the day.

Thanks to the excellent product insulation properties, the building's insulation values are retained. Due to the high humidity, airtight gaskets have been used.

Customer comments

We think in everything from natural sustainability. For example, we think the welfare of the cow is very important. And what does the cheese want? In my opinion, our cheese develops well in daylight. In addition, it is also pleasant to work in and it looks nice. The picture is correct and in my opinion Solatube therefore contributes to the quality of Remeker.

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