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We, daylight professional’s - Techcomlight, were appointed UK & Republic of Ireland distributor in 2019. We have developed the brand such that it is widely recognized as the best quality product of its kind. The  innovative and energy-efficient Solatube Daylighting Systems are installed across the UK into homes, offices, supermarkets, hospitals, schools, warehouses, factories, airports, secure environments, public buildings and even into boats!

Solatube is not only available in the UK, it is the best-known brand in the industry worldwide! The reasons for this are that our daylighting systems use the best materials, the most advanced technologies, and the most progressive engineering to create products that deliver the highest quality daylight at the greatest output. In fact, millions of units have been installed worldwide over the last 25 years and we install more each day. 

The product properties of Solatube are recognized by various quality marks and certificates, including BBA Certification, FM quality mark and CE marking. Further information can be read below.

Our certificates

BBA | Solatube Daylighting Systems hold BBA (British Board of Agrément) certification to confirm their UK compliance as well as their quality and reliability. It’s a mark of quality, safety and reliability that provides reassurance of the product’s fitness-for-purpose. 

CE | Solatube is a CE marked product. The CE marking indicates that it complies with the harmonised rules for the marketing of construction products under the European Construction Products Regulation. The declaration of performance can be downloaded here.

FM | Solatube is proud to be the recipient of the prestigious BBA certification as well as the FM quality mark. Solatube tubular daylighting systems meet the FM Approved quality mark. The FM quality mark guarantees that the product has been objectively tested and meets the highest international safety requirements.

Energy Star
Solar Impulse Efficient Solution
FM Approved
BBA Approval Inspection Testing Certification

Why Solatube?

Why would you choose anything else!
Maximum light output with relatively small diameter
Excellent thermal insulation values
Secure (burglar-proof)
Excellent light quality and colour rendition
Good sound insulation
Prevents UV radiation
Easy installation
No outside view
Low maintenance
Little to no modifications to the construction
Extendable up to 20 metres
Aesthetically pleasing

How does it work?

The original Solatube daylight tube brings the daylight from outside to inside. A dome with a relatively small diameter captures the daylight at roof level (or from the vertical facade or the ground) which is than transported as required (up to 20 metres) via a 99.7% reflective rigid tube and finally diffused regardless of the position of the sun with a tasteful ceiling diffuser of your choice.

Where can it be installed?

In every room of the house, in your business premises, in the gym, in the holiday home, in the sauna, in a warehouse; actually virtually anywhere  you want. From residential to non-residential construction and from flat roofs to pitched roofs, regardless of the roof covering type.

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